[NTLK] FS: MP2100 and lots of accessories

From: Frederick Heald <justfred_at_obtainium.org>
Date: Sun Dec 02 2007 - 17:17:17 EST

Just hauled a box out of my garage filled with Newton stuff. It's
doing me no good sitting out in the garage, so if someone here wants
it, might as well. I took the box out because our garage floor got a
little wet (cardboard boxes suck - literally!) but the only things
that were damaged in this box were the original boxes and the one
carrying case.

This was an awesome package and I was a regular and fervent Newton
advocate. Wanted to be a programmer but never managed it. Makes me
sad to sell. Will probably try to get the OS flashed so I can try the
Einstein thing on my Nokia 770 (and maybe rationalize an N810, unless
Apple actually releases a new product in January!).

I'd be willing to sell the accessories without the MP2000, but not the
other way around; I'll let you know if anything has been sold off.
$250 sounds fair to me for the whole package, will lower the price if
I don't get any responses. I haven't put it on eBay, would rather
sell it to known enthusiasts.

I'm subscribed to the mailing list, so I believe you can respond here
if everyone would be interested; otherwise plese email me directly.

I'm in California (San Diego) and I can box it up and ship it out to

Detailed pictures of everything at


Newton Messagepad 2000, upgraded to 2100 by Apple. Near-new condition.
Installed SER-001 adapter - plug the keyboard or serial cable directly
in, or plug in both!
Green backlight still bright
Screen is clean with no scratches (that I can find!)
Cover is clean.
Some minimal exterior scratches.
Cover clips work ok.

Newton Keyboard, near-new condition.

Battery pack, dead (could be McGuiver'd with new batteries).
Battery holder, new.

Newton power adapter H3100 (the smaller one, I think this came with
with 2100

Newton 2MB flash storage card

Newton Programming Books (all in good condition)
-Programming for the Newton Using Macintosh (2nd edition)
-Wireless for the Newton
-Newton User Interface Guidelines (Apple)
-Newton Programmer's Guide (Apple!)
-Newton Toolkit User's Guide
-Newton Book Maker User's Guide
-The Newtonscript Programming Language

Mead small MP2000 case, like new.

2 cool zippered neoprene soft cases that fit the MP2000 or the keyboard.

Messagpad 120 stand, with stylus.

Original manuals for NCU

Original manuals for MP100 and MP120 (?) and MP2000

NTK 1.6 disc
NCU 1.0 floppies

QuickFigure Works
Quickfigure Pro
Pocket Quicken 1.2 for Newton 2.0
Paper Pak

2 newton fax modems.

3 cables for Farallon ethernet adapter. As I recall one was bad, so
if you want 'em take all three.

Leather Carrying Case for Messagepad and Newton Keyboard
        outside somewhat rain damaged could probably be cleaned up with
leather soap, inside brand new.
Messagepad 2000 box, rain damaged.
MP120 box, rain damaged.

"My days of not taking you seriously are really coming to a middle." -
Frederick Heald

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