Re: [NTLK] FlashPoint

From: Flemming Sorvin <>
Date: Thu Dec 06 2007 - 17:49:15 EST

I've been trying Eckhart's Project Stationary, and I'm finding it to
the best and simplest solution for GTD on the newton for me. I tried
Flashpoint and got bogged down with too many items buried in the
folders and I ended up losing track of where I was.

I then went to NewtToDo, and I thought the reminders where great at
first. But I found trying to predict when I needed to do something
was a lot less productive than assigning contexts of where to do

I'm now back with Eckhart's software and Project Stationary. I really
like how I can quickly unload my thoughts into a list that can be
quickly broken down into actions, then when reviewing the actions,
select one and with a couple of taps, send it to my calendar To Do's
(which also work without DateMan I happily discovered, appearing in
the default calendar To Do list).

How well does it work, well, after just one week into using it, I got
about 50% more done. Part of that is due to increased enthusiasm, but
another part is it Just Working.

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