[NTLK] Mail V won't store new mail

From: Gary Dunn <knowtree_at_aloha.com>
Date: Thu Dec 06 2007 - 15:41:00 EST

This was working fine until maybe a week ago. I use Newted as a mail forwarding relay. I read from several mailboxes and forward things to my Newted account, then download to my 2100 and reply through by ISP.

Now when I download (InOut / Receive) the process gets stuck on storing. I can stop, which hangs up the phone, then dial in again and get the next message. One at a time.

In the Inbox new messages do not appear until I select All Items. When I click on the folder the correct device is selected, but no folder is selected, not even Unfiled Items. I'm thinking this is related, that Mail V can't decide where to store the message.

My related Mail V prefs are
Put away text to "Notepad"
After sending and File read items in "Unfiled Items"
Version is 521; 2.x; Parts: 1

Any ideas?

Gary Dunn, Honolulu
Sent from a Newton 2100 via Mail V
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