Re: [NTLK] source to package

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Fri Dec 14 2007 - 05:33:59 EST

On 14.12.2007, at 04:21, Scott Norville wrote:

> After more messing around I have found that the various files
> (layouts, text, project etc), although having the .lyt and other
> suffixes, have had their resource forks stripped. This was downloaded
> in a .zip file, which was probably the culprit. I have corrected the
> file type and creator fields with resedit, which makes them look
> right on the desktop (icon-wise), but NTK does not recognize them and
> won't work with them.
> Is there another way to fix a resource fork for os9?
> If not, would the Windoze version of NTK read them?

No, that will not work. If the resource forks of a Mac NTK Project are
lost, about 20% of the project is gone and it would be pretty hard to
reconstruct the lost data. You must archive the files into a .sit
archive and unpack them on a Mac again. It is then prefered that you
use Mac NTK to generate you package (or look for BasiliskII, it is
free, emulates an old style Mac on your Windows machine, and you can
get the OS and NTK for free).

There is a pice of software that tries to convert Mac NTK projects
into Windows NTK projects, but the results often need some manual work
to make them compile under Windows NTK. Also, this software only runs
on Mac, because it needs the resource forks, and on top of things,
there is no way to port the project back to Mac.


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