Re: [NTLK] [ANN] Newton Connection for Mac OS X

From: James Wages <>
Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 01:51:30 EST

On 2/2/07 8:18 AM, Paul Byrnes <> wrote:
> Will this allow me to connect via serial
> and transfer from Notes, which is all I need it to do?

Paul, John Coady has already posted an answer to your serial question, but
since you and I are among the relative few veteran Serial lovers on
NewtonTalk, I'd like to just make mention that you can currently only
connect at 38400bps with NCX, even though your Mac and USB adapter support

If you are like me and have used an old Mac to communicate with the patched
version of Apple's NCU (which can transfer at 57600bps over serial), then
you will experience a mild slow down with NCX. If you've always used the
stock version of NCU (no high speed patch), then the speed will be the same.
But regardless, I've found NCX is nice to transfer "tiny" packages from time
to time while I'm working in OS X. Nevertheless, I do most often transfer
packages (dictionaries or Japanese/English stuff or Bibles) that weigh in at
3MB or even higher (my EDICT dictionary is 5.5MB). And for these large
sizes, 38400bps is quite slow. Maximizing the serial connectivity at
230kbps won't approach Ethernet speeds, but it would be 6 times faster that
NCX's current serial speed! Six times is noticeable enough for me!

If you are like me an have an Ethernet card, you might be able to use that
for faster connects; but of course, I still like my old standby, serial.
Perhaps if Simon has time in the future we can see the full 230kbps taken
advantage of since the hardware already supports it (even the hardware of
many old ADB Macs). But until that day comes (and it may not), you will
either have to go with wireless or Ethernet for faster connects in NCX, or
be satisfied with 38400bps serial connections.

I hope this helps.

Happy serialing!

James Wages

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