[NTLK] OT: Re: Newton Goes to Wage Peace.

From: William Pociengel <hseldon_at_my.wgu.edu>
Date: Thu Feb 01 2007 - 21:20:43 EST

Dale Raby wrote:
> Good Morning Marine,
> I was there in 1990. Obviously, I didn't have a Newton, but it woulda been
> useful. Instead I took a camera... negatives now in a local museum.
> My suggestions:
> Take plenty of batteries, a AA battery pack, and a good flash memory card
> for backups. Military generators do not always produce the best quality
> power. Local power is likely to be intermittent and also not of the best
> quality.
> The "sand" in that part of the world is more like dust, being
> limestone-based. It gets into absolutely everything, and it WILL adhere to
> your stylus tip, so get a good screen protector. Most CA teams operate in
> an urban environment, and I doubt that you will be setting up any refugee
> camps, but should you get tasked to go to a desert environment (can you say
> Iran?), the dust will be a problem. Maybe put the Newton into a zip-lock
> freezer bag. You can still use it, but it will be proof against dust.
> Wireless Ethernet is not secure. Never forget that.
> There is no public key encryption protocol for Newtons that I am aware of.
> There is, however, an encryption application called "The Fish" which uses
> the Blofish algorithm. It is a password protected encryption device that
> will resist most methods of decryption for quite some time. The only
> problem with it is that one must know the password in order to decrypt and
> there is no way to securely transmit the password, so it can't be used for
> secure commo. It can be used to encrypt sensitive notes stored on the
> Newton, however. The Fish is available on UNNA. I'd suggest you download a
> copy. You might also want to adopt a paranoid password changing regimen if
> you are storing sensitive data.


the newton is too 'cute' it'll be a thief magnet. put no REAL data of a
sensitive nature on it. now if you want to fill it with dreck so the
WHEN it is stolen it confuses people then go ahead. but NOTHING S/TS as
even unclassified material can be used against you (not to mention
what'll happen if you get busted putting sensitive intel on an unsecured

I agree about the zip lock bag. use the ones with the twin zip locks,
use a screen protector and if you can find one then almost any solar
charger will work. I'd avoid charging while in the newt unless you can
find an open slot on a UPS.

the dust is everywhere, there is NO place it does not work it's way into
and it turns to concrete after it gets wet. ever seen a class 5 road,
it's just like that, though you won't need toothpaste to scrub your
teeth ;-)

hydrate, hydrate, hydrate


Your enemy is never a villain in his own eyes.
Keep this in mind, it may offer a way to make him your friend.
If not, you can kill him without hate, and quickly.

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