Re: [NTLK] OT: Re: Newton Goes to Wage Peace.

From: Dale Raby <>
Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 04:43:13 EST

> the newton is too 'cute' it'll be a thief magnet. put no REAL data of a
> sensitive nature on it. now if you want to fill it with dreck so the
> WHEN it is stolen it confuses people then go ahead. but NOTHING S/TS as
> even unclassified material can be used against you (not to mention
> what'll happen if you get busted putting sensitive intel on an unsecured
> device.

You know, I never thought about the prohibitions against sensitive data on
an unsecured device... which is strange, as I had a roll of film confiscated
until after the conflict. When I was last in service, the rule was if the
device in question had ever been networked with a machine containing
classified material, it had to be brain-wiped before leaving. The solution
was to transfer everything via floppy drives. Obviously that won't work for
the Newton, but it might save your other machine.

I agree about the zip lock bag. use the ones with the twin zip locks,
> use a screen protector and if you can find one then almost any solar
> charger will work. I'd avoid charging while in the newt unless you can
> find an open slot on a UPS.
> The PX system has found a major market for AA/AAA batteries. GIs can't
live without whatever version of the Sony Walkman they are using these
days. There will always be dry cells available somewhere, if not in the PX,
then in the local economy. AA batteries are the one universal power

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