[NTLK] Newton Evolution

From: gaudo <gaudo_at_terra.com.br>
Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 08:52:45 EST

Hello folks.

I left the list for some months and now I am back. My old MP2100 was a
little confuse and make me lost some works. I got mad and sold it with
keyboard and wifi card.

Now, I found a mint condition MP2000, in box, never used. I took it and came
back to list.

Meanwhile, I tried some other devices. I bought a Palm TX and used it for 6
months. Then one friend liked it and ask me for selling to him – what I did.

Then I took Jornada 720 and a NEC mobile 770, another Jornada 820e and a
Fujitsu Pencentra 200.

Forget the Jornadas and Nec Mobile. The Fujitsu Pencentra is a very good
machine, and makes me remember Newton.

It have 2 pcmcia (like Newton), IRDA, PS/2, serial and USB port. The battery
holds 5 days and it have a screen bigger than Newton.

But it runs HPC 2000 with MIPS.

It is very heavy too, but, I am still think it remembers me Newton.

But my NEW Newton is arriving and I want to make it working better than
before, without errors of communication. Can I trade newtonworks data with
PCMCIA Ethernet in a Windows conection?




Robinson dos Santos

Brasil – Rondônia


Newton 2000

Fujitsu Pencentra 200

Jornadas 710, 720, 820e

Nec Mobile 770

Treo 650

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