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Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 15:14:02 EST

"gaudo" <> wrote:

> Hello folks.
> I left the list for some months and now I am back. My old MP2100 was a
> little confuse and make me lost some works. I got mad and sold it with
> keyboard and wifi card.

> But my NEW Newton is arriving and I want to make it working better than
> before, without errors of communication. Can I trade newtonworks data
> with PCMCIA Ethernet in a Windows conection?


I'm new to this, too. One thing you can do is use HTTP. If you have Windows
XP Pro you can install the IIS web server. These two links should get you




In place of IIS you can use Apache, which many people feel is a better
product. <>

Use this configuration to transfer text file from Windows to the Newton via
one of the Newton's web browsers. It may be possible to design a little CGI
scripted form-based page to allow you to go from the Newton to the MP.
Another way to go that direction would be to install the Newton's web
server and access that from a browser on the Windows box.

I love running into people from all over the world!

Gary Dunn
MP110, MP2100

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