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From: Rene Raggl <>
Date: Sat Feb 03 2007 - 07:33:47 EST


Well, you sure need the drivers but once they are configured there is
nothing to do anymore, even though you hop from LAN to LAN. So first
you go to, download the following packages to your Newton:

- NIE 2.0 /apple/software/Internet/NIE2
- Farallon driver /drivers/ethernet/farallon (farallon.pkg, you don't
need the Etherwave package, unless you have the WLAN card)
- 3com add-on drivers /drivers/ethernet/3com (both packages)

Then open up the NIE setup application, choose "New" then Generic
setup. Choose the Ethernetcard from the pick list and the DHCP
setting. That is all there is to it. Now you you can plug your Newton
into 90 % of all Ethernet networks with out any further ado. You
should be able to use Internet and eMail from this.

Hope this was a good enough explanation to make it work.


Am 03.02.2007 um 13:14 schrieb gaudo:

> Hello René
> The ethernet card I´ve got is exactly 3com 3C589C. but I am just
> waiting to
> arrive home both devices (Newton and card). I pick some drivers to
> this
> card. What do you mean with "plug and play"? don´t need drives?
> Thanks for all.
> Cheers
> Robinson
> Brasil - Rondônia
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> Gaudo,
> Yes it is. The heap size is directly linked to the memory size of the
> device. Now I use the eMate with a 3com 3C589C Ethernet card and it
> was really plug and play. There was one little glitch however, on
> UNNA I did not get the point that you need to install the Farallon
> driver too. If you need them, let me know, I can provide step-by-step
> instructions.
> Take care,
> Rene

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