Re: [NTLK] LPR Printing Question

From: Victor Rehorst <>
Date: Tue Feb 06 2007 - 13:32:44 EST

Andrew Polk wrote:
> Sorry for all the beginner questions, I have a few years of catching
> up to do.
> I installed the lpr printer driver on my Newton upgraded 2000. But it
> doesn't show up in the printer choices in my work place card. All I
> get is my old StyleWriter.

Have you defined and tested an Internet Setup, and is it the current default?

For you to select a printer in the work place card you first have to either
find it on the network or define it manually. Do this (I'm writing this from
memory but it should be pretty accurate):

- open any note, tap Route -> Print
- tap the drop-down next to the printer name and choose "Choose LPR Printer"
- You'll get a new dialog box. LPR driver will probably try to turn on the
TCP/IP connection at this point and scan the network for LPR printers. If it
finds one then highlight it and tap the close box.
- OR, you can manually define a printer by tapping "Add" and filling in the
details. "Name" can be any name you want, "Server" is the hostname or IP
address of the printer, and "Queue" is the name of the queue (often, this is
just 'lp').

If your LPR service is running on some port other than 515, you can use the
host:port syntax in the Server field, for example ""

HTH, good luck

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