[NTLK] Getting started with networking

From: <knowtree_at_aloha.com>
Date: Fri Feb 09 2007 - 16:40:01 EST

I just got Internet working on my MP2100 and have a few questions.

1. Will Hiroshi's WaveLAN driver automatically scan channels to locate my
SSID? At home I have my base station on channel 9 to avoid interference
with the neighbors. We already do not use WEP because my old Linux laptop
was not compatible, so I use a MAC address ACL.

2. Dial-up was easy to do. Is there a way to get a small connection status
indicator on the screen? When things get slow I can't tell if maybe my
connection was dropped.

3. Anybody have serial working? What do I need at the other end, PPP?

4. I have read about the registration issue with Hiroshi. What about Newt's
Cape? The URL supplied
<http://members.bellatlantic.net/~sweyer/newton/newtscape.htm> returns a
404. Do I get more functionality if I register? Anybody have a way to
contact them?

5. When Newt's Cape starts it displays a little window of raw HTML. Is that
supposed to happen?

6. Newt's Cape does not display any graphics. Which might be a good thing.
How can I tell it to display them? Never mind, I just found that option. I
wish there was an option "Ask before loading images larger that X k bytes."

7. When I do a search on Google nothing is displayed until I do something
else, which causes the web page to spring open. I have not visited enough
places to determine if this is "normal." Maybe it will work better on
Wi-Fi; I'll find out tonight.

8. In Newt's Cape I see a menu item "Save as Package." What are the steps
involved to use this to fetch a package, say from UNNA? Do I still use the
Dock, like I do when I download? I'm thinking it might be easier to
download with my Unix box and install like I have been with unixnpi, which
works great.

9. Just now I am charging the MP and the battery indicator label reads
"Waiting." What is it waiting for? Usually it says "Charging." I switched
off the MP, removed and installed the battery, and tried again. Battery
pack was room temperature. For a few seconds it said "waiting," then
switched to "charging."

All in all things went smoothly, thanks to the many discussions in this
group. Not to mention all the hard work that went into those programs.

Gary Dunn
MP110, MP2100

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