Re: [NTLK] Getting started with networking

From: RAParker <>
Date: Sat Feb 10 2007 - 13:33:28 EST

On Friday, February 9, 2007 at 3:40 am some Newton user tapped:

> 1. Will Hiroshi's WaveLAN driver
> automatically scan
> channels to locate my SSID?

I have no problem setting my Wifi for roaming (leaving the SSID blank) and connecting to my neighbor's unprotected WAP. Works great.

> 2. Dial-up was easy to do. Is there a
> way to get a small connection status
> indicator on the screen?

Haven't seen such a beast. Of course, since going Wifi, I wouldn't find it necessary. The Wifi's card has two nice LEDs. However, even with Wifi, every now and then I'll still need to hit the reset button. Usually after I've been surfing too hard.

> 3. Anybody have serial working?
> What do I need
> at the other end, PPP?

You'll want to Google "SLIP" but it looks like a lot of work. Good experiment if you want to play with Linux or Unix.

> What about Newt's Cape? The URL supplied
> <>

Try this one:

> Do I get more functionality if I
> register?

Yes, especially if you love your Newton. The registration is well worth it.

> 5. When Newt's Cape starts it displays
> a little window of raw HTML. Is that
> supposed to happen?

Normal. That's the about box. You'll be able to replace it or turn it off when you register.

> 6. Newt's Cape does not display any
> graphics
> I wish there was an option "Ask before
> loading images larger that X k bytes."

Learn how to create preference sets, they are very useful.

> 7. When I do a search on Google nothing
> is displayed until I do something else,

Look for PDA friendly versions of your favorite websites:

> 8. In Newt's Cape I see a menu item
> "Save as Package." What are the steps
> involved to use this to fetch a package,
> say from UNNA?

This option is for saving web pages as Self contained eBooks... advanced fun.



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