Re: [NTLK] Introduction and first questions

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Sun Feb 11 2007 - 19:09:24 EST

Welcome Sebastian
The wikiwikinewt link at the bottom of each email is an excellent
resource for newton newbee and advanced user alike. Be sure to check
it out.

With regard to your non-working Newton, Frank Gruendel has an
excellent site
see <> and more specifically to your
see <>
If you read and carefully follow his instructions "exactly" you may
revive the dead newton.

eBay can be an excellent source of Newton accessories but be sure to
consider all shipping and insurance costs.
see <> will ship international
see also <> I
don't think they ship international, but some list members may help.
If you already have a usb/serial adapter for the Mac I may be able
help with dongle and cable, contact me off list.


On Feb 11, 2007, at 10:45 AM, Sebastian Blanco wrote:

> Hi to everybody the last week i have reading the newton mail list
> and its
> seems to by great.
> Today i have get mi first 2 newtons, i have to travel to argentina
> from
> uruguay to buy them.

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