Re: [NTLK] OT: Ideas for dead Mac Classic SE/30?

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Mon Feb 12 2007 - 14:40:37 EST

~~~ On 2007/02/12 16:36, Roland Saekow at wrote ~~~

> Hi all,
> I have acquired a dead but in good condition Classic SE/30 (The
> internal hard drive has failed). It still chimes, and the screen is
> bright and blank. What are some ideas for breathing new life into this?
> Here are some of mine:
> - Gut internals, mount small LCD, use as second monitor on desk
> - Gut internals, mount compact florescent bulbs inside, use as lamp
> - Gut internals, mount small LCD, use as digital picture frame
> - Gut internals, use as paper waste basket
> - Cookie jar??
> - Your suggestion
> Thanks!


This subject is bound to run and run, since we all have our preferences. I
can't tell if you mean a Classic or the SE/30, but either way but my own
suggestion would be:

1. start with a new hard drive. IIRC, you will need a special tool for
opening it up without damaging anything, but that's probably available on
the web. Once it's up and running it's a great little machine. You may
well decide you are glad you have it.

2. here is my own plan if my Classic ever gives up: replace its innards
with a MacMini and a small LCD screen. It'll take a little fiddling and
some careful modifications of the case with a hot-knife to line up
everything and accommodate some bits. I anticipate also having to build a
kind of frame to hold the Mini in place too. I've been working on the plan
little by little, against the time when I need to do it. It won't be easy
to do without destroying the aesthetics of the Classic but I think it's
do-able. I haven't tried sourcing an appropriate LCD screen yet so that
might also turn out to be a problem.

You're welcome to try the idea if it appeals to you.

I also like Victor's suggestion of turning it into a Macquarium, if it
really isn't possible to resuscitate it.

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