Re: [NTLK] Pictures in Bookmaker

From: Mr Jonathan Dueck <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 13:53:00 EST

Hi, Dan et al!

Thanks so much!

The following command worked perfectly:
> .picture "c:\bookmaker\pics\xaag1.bmp"

Thanks so much for the help!

However, this command differs both from the command in
the FAQ (as posted on unna), and in the Windows
Bookmaker manual, both of which I read, and then
copy-and-pasted commands from, before posting to the

Here's the command as listed in the FAQ on UNNA (link:
.picture c\mydocuments\mypic.bmp

And here's the command as listed in the Windows
version of the manual:
.picture 'c:\Outer\Inner\MyBMP.bmp'

Neither of which work. Strange, eh? It might be worth
updating the command in the text version of the FAQ,
and I might post something to WikiWikiNewt once I've
got this all rolled nicely together — I'm trying to
put together a shell script which will convert a PDF
to a Newton graphical ebook, as I haven't been able to
get PDFConv to work on my Mac.

I'll certainly let folks know if I get the thing


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