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From: Dan <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 14:07:40 EST

Hi and you are welcome. The version that is in UNNA must be a older one
as I know I fixed that. I also rewrote certain sections a bit, but I
guess they never made it to the archive. One of the reasons I wrote the
tutorial is due to the errors in the manual and it is hard to get into
for a newbie with all the commands and cross-talk. It would have been
so much easier if they had started off with one chapter of commands that
you NEED to make a simple book, then expand from there. I know there is
a tutorial in there but it is not explicit enough in certain areas and
covers more than what one needs to know adding to the confusion.

Again glad you got it working. Let me know if you have any other issues.


On 2/14/2007 1:53 PM, Mr Jonathan Dueck wrote:
> Hi, Dan et al!
> Thanks so much!
> The following command worked perfectly:
>> .picture "c:\bookmaker\pics\xaag1.bmp"
> Thanks so much for the help!
> However, this command differs both from the command in
> the FAQ (as posted on unna), and in the Windows
> Bookmaker manual, both of which I read, and then
> copy-and-pasted commands from, before posting to the
> list.
> Here's the command as listed in the FAQ on UNNA (link:
> .picture c\mydocuments\mypic.bmp
> And here's the command as listed in the Windows
> version of the manual:
> .picture 'c:\Outer\Inner\MyBMP.bmp'
> Neither of which work. Strange, eh? It might be worth
> updating the command in the text version of the FAQ,
> and I might post something to WikiWikiNewt once I've
> got this all rolled nicely together I'm trying to
> put together a shell script which will convert a PDF
> to a Newton graphical ebook, as I haven't been able to
> get PDFConv to work on my Mac.
> I'll certainly let folks know if I get the thing
> running.
> -Jon

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