[NTLK] MailV memory usage and POP3 settings

From: Gary Dunn <knowtree_at_aloha.com>
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 14:26:00 EST

Aloha from sunny Honolulu, where the current temperature is 72F and the only salt on the roads comes from wind-blown sea spray. This morning it was so cold I decided not to sit outside at Starbucks -- I was going to experiment reading mail via the Kahala Mall Hot Spot.

I'm having a good time learning to use MailV. The other day I asked about handwriting recognition in a reply, and so far that question is still open, but I have not checked for new mail yet this morning.

New questions:

1. Is it possible to locate an In/Out box on a memory card? It looks as though all new mail is delivered to internal memory, and from there I have to move each message to the card. I just created a rule and will see what that does.

2. How can I check memory usage, especially amount taken by messages and amount free?

3. Using POP3, can I configure MailV so that if I leave mail on the server, fetch new mail, then delete some messages, the next time I connect those mesages will be deleted from the server? I think only IMAP does that.

Gary Dunn
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