Re: [NTLK] 2100 Calendar dead 48022 error loosing faith

From: Dan <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 15:48:05 EST

Well something to keep in mind is Sync has ALWAYS been a tricky buggy
endeavor. NCU has never been that reliable and nothing has really
replaced it, at least with regard to stability. This applies to both
mac and windows syncing. I recamend ALWAYS backup your newt before you
sync. Sure it may work great for a while, but then something will go
wrong and you will end up having to restore your data from the backup.
I have seen this time and time again. And I believe that IF the Newt
was good at syncing it would have never had been tabled as Apple
wouldn't have been able to keep up with the demand. The only thing that
the Palms had was good syncing from the start (they are worse than a
Newt in every way otherwise).

So again for any sort of syncing, back up FIRST then do your sync.

Oh you might SBM utilities to try and fix your dates soup. It does have
a doctor tool that might fix it. Other than that and editing the soup
by hand (if you have a idea what the latest entries were and try to
delete those). The only other question I have is what did you do right
before this? Was it fine till you last synced then this problem came
about? Or was it fine after the last sync but a day or so later this

Another possible option is to do a full backup your Newt. Then restore
the dates soup. If you can get a full backup and do a restore of the
dates, it *may* fix the problem. I have seen this happen before.
Regardless I would do a backup as sometimes a database error in one soup
can "spread" causing problems throughout the whole newt.

Personally I would try a full backup and then restore of the dates soup
first and if that doesn't work then SBM utilities. And then if you
don't have a recent backup before this problem occurred, try editing the
soup with a soup editor deleting the oldest entries first.


On 2/14/2007 2:51 PM, Thomas Dean wrote:
> Maybe I'm expecting too much from the ole Newt. I need a PDA that is
> reliable when it comes to appointment sync with my Mac.
> Yes, my main reason is taking notes, but I need the sync. Did
> Newtsync let me down. Did I do something wrong? Is keyspan serial
> not the right connection method.
> This last crash/malfunction puts me back to thinking of alternative
> handhelds.
> Am I expecting too much?
> Thanks,
> Thomas Dean
> On Feb 13, 2007, at 7:11 PM, Thomas Dean wrote:
>> I fired up my 2100 and went to check my calendar and it will not open!
>> When I tap the calendar, I receive a 48022 error.
>> When I reset my newt, it starts up, but gives the 48022 error message.
>> –48022 = Internal error–something unexpected happened
>> I have been using NewtSync before and all was working. Everything
>> else seems to work.
>> I tried to open my Dates storage icon and that window is blank.
>> I would appreciate any help

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