Re: [NTLK] I need an icon

From: Dan <>
Date: Sat Feb 17 2007 - 10:45:21 EST

Ooooo, now I guess I will need to get a copy of outlook....somewhere.

Here is a idea though, perhaps if the utility had a option to dump the
data to a user configurable .csv then a lot of programs could import
that kind of data. And if the utility could dump and import any soup
that way it sure could make the "newton island" a thing of the past. To
make it easy for the user that just wants outlook or some other common
calendar program/PIM have templates included in the program. Which is
basically what NCU does. I only wish NCU was a little more
stable/easier to use connection wise and would dump/import data from any
of the soups rather than just dates, names, todos, and notes.

Just some ideas. Regardless a working utility will be great and I wish
you the best of luck with it.


On 2/17/2007 1:22 AM, Matt Howe wrote:
> I am working on a sync utility to sync Newtons to Outlook under Windows XP
> and I was wondering if anyone out there had an .ico icon file of the Newton
> light bulb symbol? If so could you please Email it to me?
> Oh and before the questions start, I can dump names and notes from the
> Newton to an Access db and Names from Outlook to the db. My son helped me to
> compile a DIL DLL compatible with VB and I'm working on the front end. It
> will use the internal dock and work with either TCP/IP or Serial. I'll
> reveal more as it develops.
> Matt "Ducky" Howe

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