[NTLK] looking for the filepad windows export utility

From: Dan <dan_at_dbdigitalweb.com>
Date: Sat Feb 17 2007 - 13:51:45 EST

File pad...I am looking for the windows export utility. Years ago
FilePad was a commercial product however the author released it and even
has it as open source now. However the export utility for windows has
disappeared. The author has not found a copy of it and I was wondering
if anyone on the list might have one lying around. Or know someone that
might have this.

If you are wondering what FilePad is, it is a database program for the
Newton (the best in my opinion) and has the ability to export its data
to the desktop (to use with Filemaker for example). The Mac export
utility is still around, but the windows version is currently missing.
Which is what I am looking for.


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