Re: [NTLK] Is this possible?

From: Mr Jonathan Dueck <>
Date: Mon Feb 19 2007 - 13:09:42 EST

Hi, Mark.

Just not quite sure what you're asking - the routing
(envelope) button will let you route notes to the I/O
Box - they'll appear in the I/O box after routed to
Print, X-Port (if you've got that), Beam, etc. (if you
set them to Print, Beam, etc. "Later"). You can view
them in the Outbox, after they're routed there. But
the originals stay in Notes (or Works, etc.).

I've used the NewtSync notes sync, and it preserves
the folder structure when it syncs; it creates a local
Mac copy of your Newt folder structure, and all the
notes appear on the Mac in the same folders as they do
on your Newt. I haven't used it to add new items to
the Newt though (there's a checkbox, I think, in
Newtsync that will let you do that, but I don't think
you can specify what folder your note will appear in
on the Newt -- anyone?)


--- Mark Harter <> wrote:

> <BUMP>
> Anyone? Anyone?
> Is it even possible to transfer from Notes to the
> I/O Box? internally on the Newt.
> Mark

The fish are biting.
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