Re: [NTLK] Is this possible?

From: Mark Harter <>
Date: Mon Feb 19 2007 - 15:18:02 EST

Once again (as always on this list it seems) the answer was staring me right in the face! Thanks for pointing it out to me Jon! I feel like such a noob :) I was looking way to hard at the issue.

The reason I'm asking these things is that I am working on an Applescript for the exporting of email out of Entourage. How does this relate to the Newt you ask? At some point I will be attempting to connect via wireless (my Bluetooth card is on the way from eBay, next up a Wavelan gold). Until then thou I want to be able to sync my email and reference it in the I/0 of the Newt itself. After trying some leaps from Outlook Express (Mac OS9) > Eudora> to Eudora Lite on the Newt I gave up as it simply woul not do what I want it to.

So far my script does the following:
1) Exports all email from Entourage. You can pick from any folder listed to my any path you specifiy. My points to where I sync everything via NewtSync.
2) Entourage exports all emails from folder specified to the folder as listed.
3) Entourage then opens the saved email messages. (If Entourage could export as .txt this wouldn?t be needed, but sadly it cannot).
4) Text Edit copies each open email sans any html into a new txt file and saves it with the corresponding name ending in .txt. It goes through each email in turn, saving and closing each one.
5) Finder cleans up. Finder closes all open windows used in the process, except for the primary folder window where the emails and txt files now reside and Entourage?s main window.

From here on out it is a simple matter of transferring the .txt files via NewtSync and into the Notes on the Newt.

My questions about Notes on the Newt came about because I would rather not have to transfer all of these txt files manually to the I/O box if possible?

The script is almost done, a colleague of my who is much better @ Applescript is optimizing the code as well speak.

And in case I?m asked the other reason I?m doing this is that the script has the ancillary benefit of providing a backup of email. Also plenty of other people cannot get NIE to work correctly. I?m getting closer on my setup each time, but its still not there yet. However syncing to a newer Exchange server is a no go as the Newt cannot handle WebDav (at least to the best of my knowledge), nor does it appear that IMAP is enabled. Its also doubtful that they will enable it simply for my Newt.

Once the script is ready I?ll give it freely to anyone who wants it as I did not write the whole thing myself and found some bits and pieces of certain parts here and there on the web; in addition to the parts I added.

On Monday, February 19, 2007, at 01:12PM, "Mr Jonathan Dueck" <> wrote:
>Hi, Mark.
>Just not quite sure what you're asking - the routing
>(envelope) button will let you route notes to the I/O
>Box - they'll appear in the I/O box after routed to
>Print, X-Port (if you've got that), Beam, etc. (if you
>set them to Print, Beam, etc. "Later"). You can view
>them in the Outbox, after they're routed there. But
>the originals stay in Notes (or Works, etc.).
>I've used the NewtSync notes sync, and it preserves
>the folder structure when it syncs; it creates a local
>Mac copy of your Newt folder structure, and all the
>notes appear on the Mac in the same folders as they do
>on your Newt. I haven't used it to add new items to
>the Newt though (there's a checkbox, I think, in
>Newtsync that will let you do that, but I don't think
>you can specify what folder your note will appear in
>on the Newt -- anyone?)
>--- Mark Harter <> wrote:
>> <BUMP>
>> Anyone? Anyone?
>> Is it even possible to transfer from Notes to the
>> I/O Box? internally on the Newt.
>> Mark
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