[NTLK] Introduction & a question

From: Steve <shawsteve_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue Feb 20 2007 - 20:12:31 EST

Hi, I just became a first-time Newton owner of the messagepad 2100 (Hey, at
least I know it won't be made obsolete by a new model!) after reading for
years about the value of these devices. Having used a variety of Palms and
Treos, I can definitely understand the appeal of this device--the interface
is totally intuitive, the screen is generous, and with the print recognizer
one really can use pen input efficiently. The shape recognizer in the
drawing tools is excellent--why doesn't that exist in a handheld today? I'm
amazed at how much Apple got right with the 2100.
My Question: My unit is a nicely-reconditioned but bare-bones one from J&K
Sales. It did not come with a connectivity option. Ultimately I would like
to be able to add programs and move files, especially text for reading and
edition back and forth. I have an iBook G4 (the last generation before the
switch to Intel).

What are my best options for connectivity? Wi-Fi would be great, but my
network is WEP protected and I've heard that causes problems. Bluetooth
would be a possibility. Of course, USB. Thanks for any thoughts or
direction on this.

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