Re: [NTLK] Extras button

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Wed Feb 21 2007 - 00:41:17 EST

My first Newton had an application called Buttonbar plus. It's by
Standalone and costs $25 so i didn't register when trial ran out but it
may give you what you are looking for.
see <>
for a review of features by Woo Lee. In another posting he said you
could have up to 38 icons on button bar.
download preview from

On Feb 20, 2007, at 9:51 PM, Matt Howe wrote:

> I don't want to get rid of the button bar because I use it. That's why
> I
> want to get rid of the "Extras" icon to make room for another icon. I
> use
> I++, Witty Keys and Backyard for my launchers. So by background App is
> taken
> care of. I have Extras Layout to make the buttons smaller so I've
> squeezed
> in a couple of extra icons for a total of 9. But with all of the
> launchers
> and utilities I don't go to extras that much and could sure use one
> more
> icon slot. Any other ideas or should I just say 9-1 is enough?
> Matt "Ducky" Howe

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