[NTLK] Commercial Software Registration

From: Eldee Stephens <eldee_stephens_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 18:39:56 EST

Fellow listers,

I've yet another question for you: what is the status
of most of the commercial developers that produced
Newton software up until the end? There are several
software packages I'd like to consider purchasing, but
not sure if it is even possible anymore. For example,
I am interested in acquiring:

1. QuickFigure Pro (already have QFW)
2. Works Better
3. NewtPaint
4. photoShow

... among others. But scanning the archives, it looks
like people were having problems registering with
Standalone five years ago, let alone today. And what
about Landware? It's also still around, but nothing on
the Newton at their site. And Pelicanware has gone the
way of the dodo.

So what does is this plucky band of Newton holdouts to
do some eight years after most developers gave up
supporting their software? Ignoring for the moment the
immorality of not paying for commercial software, the
inability to get working serial numbers forever
cripples the "demos" that are still available, say at

Have some of these apps been released as freeware, or
will any of these companies still accept payment?

-- eldee

The fish are biting.
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