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From: Dan <>
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 21:45:07 EST

On 2/22/2007 6:39 PM, Eldee Stephens wrote:
> Fellow listers,
> I've yet another question for you: what is the status
> of most of the commercial developers that produced
> Newton software up until the end? There are several
> software packages I'd like to consider purchasing, but
> not sure if it is even possible anymore. For example,
> I am interested in acquiring:
> 1. QuickFigure Pro (already have QFW)
> 2. Works Better
> 3. NewtPaint
> 4. photoShow

Well I would suggest you get Write Stuff and Merlin/Wordsluth from
Landware. Write stuff does about 99% of what Works Better does (and
more) except say headers and footers. Also it is not buggy like Works
Better. Granted there are advantages to Works Better for a couple of
things, but I don't use it much due to the bugs and just use Write
stuff. Merlin and Word Sleuth are a wonderful dictionary and
theosaruars. They work in any newton package that has text you can
select. Also there is another package included with Write Stuff called
Point Pro which is a wonderful caret enhancement which has many features
and also allows you to call up Merlin or Word Sleuth from anywhere with
two taps. Oh I also should mention that Write Stuff also has 10 nice
fonts included with it.

Ah I just found the list of what is included in Write Stuff:
Point Pro
Style Sheets
Scribe Works-adds HWR to Works
Word Count
Char Picker-CharPicker provides a palette of all possible characters
available within the current font.
Tabulator-Tabulator can quickly convert tabs to spaces and visa-versa.
Auto Text-The Autotext tool allows you to utilize the Newton’s built in
“autoexpand” glossary within Newton Works.

Each tool is a separate package so you can install what you need or
depending on the storage you have available. Also Merlin and Word
Sleuth have 3 different size libraries you can install, so if you are
short on storage for example and don't want the whole dictionary
installed then you can have the the smallest one which only uses the
Newts built in word list. This gives Merlin and Word Sleuth quite a bit
of flexibility as you only install what you need and yet the apps remain
functional (unlike many other dictionary programs that take a huge
amount of space or they don't work at all).

I got Writestuff and Merlin/Word Sleuth together some time back and it
is some of the best $20 I ever spent for my Newton.

I also will add that Newt Paint is also wonderful for doing graphics on
a Newt. I don't have Photoshow but I plan on getting a copy in the near
future as nothing else beats it for displaying photos on your Newt.

Oh they also have a package called Quicknames pro that many say is a
improvement over the normal Names app. I will probably get that as well
when I order Photoshow.


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