Re: [NTLK] Commercial Software Registration

From: Dan <>
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 21:04:28 EST

On 2/22/2007 7:16 PM, L.W. Brown wrote:
> 1- From my recollection of a recent thread, you have to phone-call
> LandWare directly to register Newt apps.
> 2- Some few old apps are now freeware, but there is no simple way to
> discover which - you have to search archives...
> On 22. Feb, 2007, at 18:39, Eldee Stephens wrote:
>> what
>> about Landware? It's also still around, but nothing on
>> the Newton at their site. And Pelicanware has gone the
>> way of the dodo.
>> Have some of these apps been released as freeware, or
>> will any of these companies still accept payment?

Just a side note, Landware apps weren't "registered" or protected in
anyway. You just paid them and they sent you full versions via email.
This one thing I love about their software. No hoops to jump though,
and if you needed to change newtons (due to hardware failure) you just
installed from a backup (or from the original pkg file) and you were
good to go, no serial numbers to misplace either.


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