Re: [NTLK] Emate and pico card with Blunt

From: Adriano <>
Date: Mon Feb 26 2007 - 10:59:48 EST

Dear Thomas,

please note that the Pico Card and Blunt
are both set to a default speed of 38400bps.

Echkart Köppen (the developer of Blunt)
choose to go for it for a reason.

Infact, setting Blunt to work at a higher speed
will add much more work to the Newton CPU,
and the user would loose in stability, eventually.

It would happen on eMate expecially, cause its main processor
is capable of lower rates of access to the system than on MP2x00 series.

The point is that changing speed settings on Blunt is not required,
and also you won't really sense a concrete speed change on file
other than over an internet connection when paired with a bluetooth
or on any null-modem setup, but if you really care about it,
please just follow the directions descripted below:

  - Insert your Pico Card in a Windows laptop
(note that a MacBook Pro with 'BootCamp' won't be fine cause it
doesn't have a pcmcia slot anymore)

  - Install the configuration software which came on the software CD
present in every Pico Card box I shipped.

  - Run the above mentioned software to modify the parameters of your
Pico Card in order to make it capable to work at speed rates of
115200bps (then if you really intend to push the card at its best,
select 230400bps).

  - Reinsert your Pico Card in your Newton, and althogh not required,
please set Blunt to run at the same speed at which you set the Pico
Card itself.

In conclusion: using such method the speed paramaters will be
controlled directly by the ICs on the PC Card,
and you will free the Newton CPU by such additional amount of work,
increasing overall stability as a result.

For any additional informations, please do not hesitate to send me a

Kind regards,


26/feb/07 thomas picenni wrote:

> Hi i'am italian happy user of Emate and this is the first post to the
> list.
> At the first sorry for my bad english.
> I buy from Adriano Angelilis the pico card and start from a Brain Wipe
> Emate, i install Nie 2.0 Nitro Neo , Blunt 0,7,6 setup and blunt 0,7,7
> but i have problem with this becouse at high speed the card led swith
> to red (error ) and a lower speed it discover but all other operation
> are buggy and unstable.
> I read that some people had installed the syspacth 0.6, but the
> instruction of blunt sayd that aren't compatible.
> The question is for resolve the unstability of Blunt with emate i must
> install syspacth or not ?
> Thank-you for everyone who respond me.

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