Re: [NTLK] Emate and pico card with Blunt

From: thomas picenni <>
Date: Mon Feb 26 2007 - 13:04:53 EST

Il giorno 26/feb/07, alle 16:59, Adriano ha scritto:

> Dear Thomas,
> please note that the Pico Card and Blunt
> are both set to a default speed of 38400bps.
> Echkart Köppen (the developer of Blunt)
> choose to go for it for a reason.
> Infact, setting Blunt to work at a higher speed
> will add much more work to the Newton CPU,
> and the user would loose in stability, eventually.
> It would happen on eMate expecially, cause its main processor
> is capable of lower rates of access to the system than on MP2x00
> series.

--- cut ---

Thank you Adriano for you information about this and for your mail in
italian that you send me
for resolve my problem but i haven't a PC laptop with PCard slot.

I wil try to resolve with set the speed of blunt always at 38400 and
test if the card in Emate can have
more stability.

After i'll test the syspatch problem as a post that i'll find in this


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