[NTLK] Newton Bluetooth Astronomy - Project

From: Adriano <adriano.angelillis_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon Feb 26 2007 - 14:04:55 EST

Hello list,

I just had an idea for a new feature to be add to the 'Newton
the project 'Newton Bluetooth Astronomy'.

There are telescopes capable of serial communications,
and many people on the internet succefully connected
to their telescopes using a 'Pico Plug':
[the english lecture is on the right column]

A 'Pico Plug' is a variant of the Newton compatible bluetooth 'Pico
it connects directly to a PC serial port (DB9) and makes possible
to estabilish a wireless serial link exchanging data over bluetooth
with another Pico Plug, or with a Pico Card.

I could made available for sale a bundle which would include
a Pico Card, a Pico Plug plus any kind of telescope serial adapter.

Regarding the software part of this project,
first place where to search is the Unna archives:

But I think that the software available on Unna is quite limited,
while to the expložt the real potential of a setup like the one
we are going to build we would need 'fleXYlog' made by Bob Redknap:

This great developer brought to us two new apps
whose potential is truly unlimited.

Consider that thanks to him a Newton user can now design a complete pcb:

Infact using his 'fleXYcad' he realized a circuit useful to connect
to a wifi hotspotter serially, then used 'fleXYlog' to log on it.

Apart from that, you will admit that the 'Newton Bluetooth Astronomy'
could evolve in many ways, but only thanks to your contribution we
could end up
building the most complete setup.

Then although my best hope is to hear some thoughts from you,
I am going to leave some ideas:

1. Use the 'Newton Bluetooth Astronomy Bundle' to wirelessly command
a Newton compatible camera connected to the telescope.

2. Use the 'Newton Bluetooth Astronomy Bundle' to wirelessly
receive the shots from the camera.

3. Use the 'Newton Bluetooth Astronomy Bundle' plus fleXYlog
to record activity in the sky.

I could continue, but I would also really appreciate
to know your own impressions regarding this project.

For some more informations regarding the Pico Plug
please take a look at the short report I filed time ago
on the NewtWikipedia: http://tinyurl.com/yqoepe

Kind regards,

Adriano Angelillis

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