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Date: Tue Feb 27 2007 - 20:27:05 EST

If you are truly interested in "confronting" Johnny, er, I mean Stevie, the
best way to do that is to continue developing hardware and software that will
help to continue the evolution of the Newton platform. There are some great
tools out there that help the Newton to (kind of, almost, sort of) integrate and
communicate with other platforms. More needs to be done on this front, I
believe. It won't bring back the Newton in production, but it will guarantee the
Newton's continuing use as a productivity and entertainment platform.
As long as somebody's reading all of this, here's my current wish list:

   * A PC-friendly news aggregator that collects news feeds from the
internet, converts them into some usable format ( or, even better, automatically
converts them into a newly updated Newton eBook each day) and then allows for the
information to be uploaded via serial connection to the Newton. This would be
great if the international, national, and business news could be updated daily
to a server that would automatically convert the info into a new Newton eBook
each day, twice a day, etc. I believe there is already some online tool that
lets one drag and drop text on to a window, which then creates a Newton
package from it. Seems like there would be a way to automate this process to glean
specific news sites, open the links, grab the text, stuff it all into a Newton
eBook -- and do it automatically each day. Each day, before work, folks could
log on to their home computers, grab the latest newsfeed upload, put it on
their Newton, and head for the office, knowing they'd have the latest news at
their fingertips.

   * Continued improvements on the Newtendo emulator (It can't all be about

   * Software to permit the use of an FM receiver Compact Flash card in the
Newton (complete with digital tuning and pre-sets for several radio stations)

   * Self-guided study eBooks (similar to those offered at
and other educational materials, so that the Newton can be used as a mobile
study facilitator

That's all I can think of at the moment. :O)

Matt K.
Detroit, Michigan USA

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