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From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Tue Feb 27 2007 - 19:06:59 EST

~~~ On 2007/02/27 23:06, Ed Kummel at wrote ~~~

> If you think that this will work, then you truly don't understand how $Jobs
> operates. ...

I've more than a suspicion that you're right, but if we can't wake him up we
can at least try to embarrass him. More to the point, if we can say
something worthwhile to the people around Jobs, maybe sooner or later enough
of them will agree with us to create the beginnings of a change in attitude
in the company.


Whatever anybody may say about consolidating Apple's product line and blah
blah, Jobs made *two* bad decisions when he axed the Newton. He did away
with a product that was so far ahead of its time that axing it shows his
lack of foresight. The Newt needed tweaking and a commitment to follow
through with it; the idea itself was sound and the hardware was about to
catch up with the possibilities. And second, he did away with it with
such a bad attitude (due to his personal issues with the project and certain
people) that now he's painted into a corner. Every cell in his brain could
be screaming at him that it's time to resurrect the Newton, but it won't be
easy for him to listen to that because his ego is wrapped up in the death of
the Newton. I think he needs the Newton to stay dead, to justify his bad
judgement. Funny thing is, once when I had the chance to talk to Woz, he
commented appreciatively on my Newt and seemed to think the Newton was a
decent piece of kit. I guess the difference is, where Woz still has
geek-passion in his brain, Jobs has replaced all that with ego.

</end IMO-rant>

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