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From: Jon Glass <>
Date: Sun Jul 01 2007 - 02:38:14 EDT

On 6/29/07, kevin redding <> wrote:
> > Less ironic than a Treo with a Foleo! ;-)
> What the hell was Palm thinking?

Actually, I think it might not be a bad idea! Think of the Foleo as a
keyboard and screen for your phone--it's not a laptop, not a separate
computer, but a "window" if you will, to your phone--a window that
gives you new vistas to the phone. You won't use it instead of the
phone, or instead of your laptop/desktop, but _with_ the phone, when
you have opportunities to take advantage of the extra real estate.
Let's face it, phones aren't getting bigger. ;-)

When I started using my Palm, its tiny screen was a _major_
frustration to me--coming from the Newton's seemingly vast screen. I
wished for something like this. The Treo is the same way--its tiny
screen is great when you are on the move, but when you sit down,
wouldn't it be nice to keep everything on your Treo (email, Word docs,
spreadsheets, etc), but work from a larger screen? To me, that's the
beauty of the Foleo--a bit outside the box--maybe too far outside, but
if it can hold on, I suspect we will see it grab hold, and Microsloth
to copy it.

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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