Re: [NTLK] iPhone

From: Mark Harter <>
Date: Sun Jul 01 2007 - 08:25:23 EDT

I believe the points were comparing the Newton to the iPhone not
other devices.

For Me:
* Multi-touch interface
* Easy to Use email and Internet (which for some of us never worked
right on the Newt, let alone who ancient both are on a Newt now)
* Built in camera
* EASY SYNCING PROCESS (why I stopped using my Newt)
* A modern browser
* SMS Messaging
* Syncs to iCal (From there I can Sync to Exchange)
* Google Maps
* Virtual Keyboard (Which is awesome after using it)
* Never working about where is my stylus
* iPod. I don't need more then 8 GB
* Ability to get to OWA on Safari
* A phone
* I can get down to 1 device rather then 3 (Cell, Newt, iPod)
* just some of the things for me.
* Awesome batery life for a device of this class.
* Glass screen, PC world did a web vid where they were absolutely
abusing their iPhone and it held up.

And oh yeah did i mention Multi-touch!

Was the Newt, ground breaking? Sure was. Was it the first? Nope. Same
for the iPod. Same for the iPhone. not the first but could become the
dominate PDA/Cell device for the forseable future.

The more I look over past posts here and looking through post here
now I get the feeling whether people want to admit or not> People are
still bitter over teh decsion to canel the Newt in the 90's. And will
simply not get behind the iPhone for no other reason then its not a
Newt... My 2 cents YMMV.


On Jul 1, 2007, at 7:36 AM, jg wrote:

> I used for sometime ago Benq P50. All functions I need are there. Is
> IPhone better? YES! It is nicer, has better interface. And can sync
> with Mac! AAC sounds better than mp3, it is true. What else? Please
> tell me?
> John
> On 1-Jul-07, at 2:24 PM, Mark Harter wrote:
>> John, have you actually used it???? Sounds like you haven't. I'm
>> sorry to say but the Multi Touch technology of the iPhone blows away
>> anything the Newt can offer up even handwriting recognition. Its not
>> even close contest for the Newt. And this from a person (me) who
>> still thinks the Newt is a great piece of technology. But it has been
>> surpassed.
>> On Jul 1, 2007, at 4:27 AM, wrote:
>>> Sorry, I don't agree. IPhone is not Newton, not even honorary.
>>> IPhone
>>> is a mix of IPod+"allready existing mobile phone technology"+new way
>>> of using finger tips. It is not a "sound wave braking" device like
>>> Newton was. IPod was more revolutionary device than IPhone is.
>>> John
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