Re: [NTLK] iPhone

From: John Chu <>
Date: Sun Jul 01 2007 - 08:00:20 EDT

> I used for sometime ago Benq P50. All functions I need are there. Is
> IPhone better? YES! It is nicer, has better interface. And can sync
> with Mac! AAC sounds better than mp3, it is true. What else? Please
> tell me?

By this argument, shouldn't your position be that it is as
revolutionary as the iPod, not that the iPod is more revolutionary?

The iPod was hardly the first MP3 player on the market. The iPod
didn't do anything that any other MP3 player on the market couldn't
do. It just did it better, and offered a better experience. Likewise,
as you said, the iPhone doesn't do anything that another smartphone
can't do. Also, as you said, it does all of those things better and
offer a better experience.

What I find interesting, is that with the advent of the iPhone, we're
starting to see articles about a paradigm shift where people will
make use of internet connectivity everywhere. IMHO, we hit that point
a little while ago. Just ask any Nokia N770 or 800 owner. (For that
matter, it was probably workable with a Newton for a while, at least
until web standards got all wacky.) However, those articles may have
some merit in that it may be the iPhone that wraps it up in a
compelling enough package that the idea sticks. Not dissimiliar to
what happened when Apple introduced the iPod.

Now, none of this means you can't think of the iPhone as an
evolutionary rather than a revolutionary device. But, in this light,
wasn't the Newton just a mix of existing mobile technology plus a new
way of using a stylus? Like I've written before, the VHS cassette
form factor seems to be something which the computing industry re-
invents about once every ten years.

Maybe there are no such things as revolutions. After all, the
transistor was merely a better vacuum tube, right? Hardly revolutionary.


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