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From: James Sanderson <>
Date: Sun Jul 01 2007 - 10:22:36 EDT

On 1 Jul 2007, at 07:00, John Chu wrote:

> What I find interesting, is that with the advent of the iPhone, we're
> starting to see articles about a paradigm shift where people will
> make use of internet connectivity everywhere. IMHO, we hit that point
> a little while ago. Just ask any Nokia N770 or 800 owner.

        With regard to the iPhone and the paradigm shift, it's about scale.
People owned MP3 players before the iPod came out. What the iPod did
was, as someone pointed out, give the consumer a better experience.
Because it did so, the people bought the iPod and the player became
ubiquitous. Because it did so, the iPod has become the standard by
which other MP3 players are measure. That paradigm shift occurred
with the advent of the iPod not with the advent of MP3 players.
        In terms of ease of use the standard phone is a pain to use to
browse the internet. It's a pain to use to text messages. It's a
pain to use the calendar. The iPhone's goal is to simplify these
things. If the iPhone works as advertised and if it gives the
consumer that better experience, then it could do as the iPod did and
become the standard by which other phones are measured and be the
paradigm shift.

        The introduction of the iPhone is analogous to the iPod
introduction. It is true that there are other touch screen phones
already on the market. Is using them as easy as using iPhone? If
these other phones cannot duplicate iPhone experience, people will
purchase iPhone as they did the iPod, and it will become the paradigm
shift. The Nokias, the Samsungs, the LG's even though they may have
been there before it, will be seen as the imitators.

        From what I've read, none of these brands can do with ease what the
iPhone does despite some of the perceived hardware drawbacks of the
iPhone, e. g. no 3G. For me, the biggest drawback for the phone is
having only one service provider. This is the one issue that can
hold back the iPhone from being that paradigm shift that the iPod
was. But if ATT bolsters it service--and it has been improving its
services--then it will bring both Apple and ATT the success they seek.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Sanderson

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