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From: Ed Kummel <>
Date: Mon Jul 02 2007 - 15:29:49 EDT

Hmmm...I didn't have any problems running my 8500 as a modem for my laptop.
  While in Redmond the other week, the hotel wanted too much money for internet access. Fired up my phone, connected it to my laptop with the USB cable and it was recognized as a new network and I was browsing the internet at speeds most home users woule like to have. Of course, that was aa 3G network as well...Too bad my company didn't spring for laptops with BlueTooth...I would have liked to have tethered the phone to my laptop via BlueTooth to browse the that is seemless technology!
  web/gadget guru
Martin Joseph <> wrote:
T-mobile also allows you to hook up a REAL computer through the cell
as a modem, which apparently AT&T prohibits (aka tethering).

I played with the iPhone a bit, and it's very cool for sure. But, if
it's AT&T only, no thanks.


"The rule in Silicon Valley is that if Apple leaves the table smiling, the other guy got screwed,"
   - Rob Enderle, independant analyst on the Apple/Cisco iPhone lawsuit
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