Re: [NTLK] [OT] Re: iPhone

From: Steven Scotten <>
Date: Mon Jul 02 2007 - 16:06:23 EDT

On Jul 2, 2007, at 12:10 PM, Martin Joseph wrote:

> It seems like T-mobiles edge network is much better. Maybe this is
> because they don't have a 3G setup or spent more to upgrade there
> edge system? I am able to use the t-mobile network via edge with
> pretty good speeds (250kbits/sec), which is adequate for remote
> control of real computers (PC or Mac).

It probably has more to do with region. I get perfectly acceptable
(no, not blazing) speeds with EDGE on AT&T.

> T-mobile also allows you to hook up a REAL computer through the cell
> as a modem, which apparently AT&T prohibits (aka tethering).

I dunno. I've done this before, although not recently. I didn't like
it as Bluetooth was a real bottleneck both in latency and bandwidth,
dragging EDGE speeds down to sub-dialup speeds. Modern bluetooth
setups shouldn't be as bad.

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