Re: [NTLK] How do you carry your Newton?

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Tue Jul 03 2007 - 03:17:23 EDT

~~~ On 2007/07/03 04:24, Chris C. at wrote ~~~

> Ok. I'll have to admit (at least for me anyways) that the MP21K is
> huge when compared to most other PDAs. How do you carry your Newton
> around? Manpurse? Messenger Bag? I'd like to know what you guys have
> come up with. Love my Newton but hate carrying it around! ;-) I've
> got a Burro-Pak and a NewtBoot and I think it's a E&B (not glove)
> -Chris

OK, I have no idea what a "messenger bag" is. My winter coats have large
inside pockets (or I don't buy them). In warm weather it's more difficult
especially when it rains. For travelling light, I now have a heavy-duty
pencil case that fits pretty snugly with minimal lengthwise overhang that
happens to be useful for carrying a few small objects.

But that's not ideal because it means I don't have hands free, so sometimes
I end up chucking the pencil case into a rucksack. I've even carried my
pencil case-wrapped Newt in a small, soft laptop case on occasion, and once
when I needed to leave that configuration in a small locker meant just for
pocket items, I just rolled up the laptop bag -- to the astonishment of the
onlookers -- using the Newton as a spindle. Since I'd asked where I could
leave my computer safely, they assumed something very different, and the
looks on their faces were very amusing.

What I really want, and haven't yet found, is a shoulder-holster of some
kind. I've heard they exist(ed) but I've never seen one and so far all
searches for such a thing have been in vain.

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