Re: [NTLK] How do you carry your Newton?

From: Sonny Hung <>
Date: Tue Jul 03 2007 - 09:44:51 EDT

On 7/3/07, Rod <> wrote:
> I have mine in the 2000/2100 leather case with the newton logo in the
> bottom corner (thanks Sonny!), then it normally sits in my sling bag
> with the keyboard, mobile phone and bits of paper I haven't converted
> yet :-)

Hi Rod & everyone!

Wow, you guys have listed a vast variety of cases to carry your Newton in...

I have used many of them and wish to offer up a few choice options (some I
have a pic of others you'll have to ask about later as i still need to
purchase a new digital camera to take pics of them then...

My all time favorite for a MessagePad 1x0 (110/120/130) would be:

Holster with Protective Boot - by Covertec for MP1x0

This is a great case that protects the Newt & allows you to carry, remove
and holster it quickly. The Blue color keeps the Newt from getting readily

For the MessagePad 2000/2000u/2100 I would say it would be my camera bag I
bought in Hong Kong... too bad I've not got a good photo of it for you to
see what I mean. The bag has the straps for a should sling, or can be used
as ha fanny/hip pack and finally a hand strap for carrying in your hand.
Overview is that it has a main compartment with a velcro divider which I use
to separate the Newton and a Keyboard IIRC. An outer pocket where one can
store in the various pockets and zippered compartments Battery Tray,
Rechargeable Packs, Modem, WiFi, Adapter, Dongle, Cables, Pen, Styli, PC
Cards and a multiple of things...
(It gets big when you've got everything and the Kitchen Sink in there but it
does it's job well!)
If you remind me later I'll try to snap a pic when I'm free.

It's too bad this was a discontinued model but I snagged the last one in a
small street shop as we were following the wife on her shopping spree in
Hong Kong...

If anyone of you have an picture of your setup why don't you put it up on
the internet? If you'd like you can shoot me a hires copy and I'll put it up
on my Flickr page... but I suggest IF you have a Flickr account to put it up
there and send it to the Newton Group as Grant would enjoy the Pool growing
some more! :)

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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