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Date: Wed Jul 04 2007 - 13:46:04 EDT

Hello Newtonfolk:

I am posting a running list of things upon which I would probably prefer to spend two grand (the price of Apple vowelPhone, plus two year's of enslavement to AT&T). Here we go!


Two-thousand U.S. dollars would nicely cover:

?? *? A titanium hardtail mountain bike frame or similar binge purchase of mountain bike parts

?? *? A significant chunk of my homeowner summer property taxes

?? *? A couple of vintage pinball machines

?? *? A lengthy biking/fishing/hiking vacation through Michigan and Ontario

?? *? A down payment on a Mini Cooper

?? *? A train trip for two across North America

?? *? A new laptop

?? *? A sporty rental car and driving vacation on Route 66

?? *? A small photovoltaic array for the house roof

?? *? Money for supplies to finish off my basement

?? *? Two-thousand prank FAX messages to Steve Job's office (via patching the Newton into a pay telephone and figuring on a cost of roughly $1.00 per call).

The list goes on and on...

Matt K.

Detroit, Michigan USA

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