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From: Danny Mann <>
Date: Wed Jul 04 2007 - 14:43:03 EDT

Not to start a flame war, and in all due respect, but mobile service
for most is a 'standard' expense regardless of what carrier or device
is used. Regardless of the merits of apple's phone i think it's a
step in the right direction to see a US carrier include unlimited
data access as part of a plan. For 60 dollars per month the plan is
IMHO a bit light on minutes, but it's a step in the right direction.
the phone is expensive, and granted, the EDGE network is not the
fastest. those, among other reasons (ATT) explain why i personally
am not going to buy the device, but I think that people (mostly off
list, although, with apologies, i'm venting on list) arguing the
price point of $2000 paints a worse picture than is actually the
case. Matt's comparison certainly is spot on, but for most of us
this would be true for any mobile phone (less 500 or 600 dollars).
Some bright spots I think are that apple is perhaps (haven't played
with one) advancing UIs again, is back in the 'handheld computing'
sector, and a US mobile provider has plans "widely
available" (granted, locked in to one expensive phone) with unlimited
data at expensive, but not outrageous rates. For the very little
that it's worth, I agree in part and disagree in part...regardless,
my biggest beef with apple in regard to mobiles is that "Address
Book" can't send sms messages through a great many phones, but that's
another rant. Happy 4th to all in the states, and a belated happy
Canada Day to all north of us.



n.b. I've truncated the original message only because the system
bounced back the email with a fully quoted original message.

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> Hello Newtonfolk:
> I am posting a running list of things upon which I would probably
> prefer to spend two grand (the price of Apple vowelPhone, plus two
> year's of enslavement to AT&T). Here we go!

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