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From: Roman Pixell [GMail] <>
Date: Thu Jul 05 2007 - 03:13:49 EDT

On 5 jul 2007, at 00.00, Matt Howe wrote:

> I used to use Courier to visit my local web server and download
> pkg's etc. I
> would use IcVc to put them away. I also use Simplemail and would
> use IcVc to
> put away vcards and vcalendars. A couple of months ago I installed
> the newer
> version of IcVc. I was running 2.4.3 and I upgraded to 2.5. Well IcVc
> stopped working for everything except vcalendars. I noticed it
> first with
> Simplemail and not be able to put away vcards. So I installed the
> Simplemail
> add on for vcards, no big deal. But recently I had several pkg's to
> load on
> to my 2100 so I fired up Courier to my local web server and
> downloaded to
> the inbox. But when I went to use IcVc to put it away I got the no
> stationery error. So I deleted IcVc and reloaded version 2.4.3 but
> still no
> luck. Anyone else ever have this problem? I really like the speed
> of Courier
> for downloading packages but right now I'm using Newtscape, a great
> app but
> a bit of overkill to just grab a file from my local web server.

yup, got the very same problem. seems like eckharts software fails
somwhere. sometimes you can get a "put away" option, but its "put
away to essen", even if its not an .mx2 file. when putting away, an
error is produced. i remember the problems started with ICVC, too.

the problems began back in 2005, so i havent used the newt uch since
then really.
(honestly, i will not use it until there is a working NCX for sync of
calendars, addresses and notes. too bad, really, i could have serious
need for the newt this summer and autumn)

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