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From: W. Guy Finley <>
Date: Mon Jul 09 2007 - 13:46:44 EDT


You don't like all the attention of the iPhone, fine. I don't
understand your desire to troll the list trying to shame people for
(gasp) trading their rather large monochrome Newton into a full color
modern replacement that happens to have a phone with it as well. I
like my Newton, it's a great piece of technology but to say that
everything has run smoothly with it since I bought it a few months
ago would be far from the truth. To say I find it as useful given
its heft compared to the iPhone that slides easily into my pocket and
is available at virtually any beckon call to pull down my calendar,
check something quickly on the web, or quickly respond to an email
would also be far from the truth.

I haven't even gotten to a syncing comparison either. My Newton is
great, I'm not sure if it's retired yet but I have a feeling it will
be now. More for you to buy right?

If it makes you happy I would propose maybe some of us should come up
with a Newt to iPhone list or something where those of us
transitioning from the Newton to the iPhone can share thoughts
without annoying you. You've been the only one I've seen vehemently
complaining about this and trying to find every scrap of negativity
on the iPhone to dredge up here. I find that about as productive as
me going back and finding mid-90s articles critical of the Newton.

In short, can't we all just get along?


On Jul 9, 2007, at 12:24 PM, wrote:

> Surprise, surprise! Remember the battery replacement issue with the
> first generation iPods?
> Well, the Apple product battery replacement fun is back once again:
> * Note: Just countering all of the viral marketing (intentional or
> unintentional) that we have been inundated with on our beloved
> Newtontalk list. Don't like it? Then, post something of relevance
> to the Newton.? :O)
> Matt K.
> Detroit, Michigan USA

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