[NTLK] Newton: update on what it can do

From: Raphael Coiman <racsr05551_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon Jul 09 2007 - 19:29:38 EDT

I also have a beloved Newton 2000 upgraded. I kept using it until
changing for modern Macs with )SX made syncing impossible. I use to
be in the former Newton circle until Paul Guyot was developing the
software that would make Newton capable to use another memory cards
(ATA?) with more capacity and speed. I had to buy a Palm and now I
have a second one but, it does not do all my Newton did. Because I
have to go back to my Newton database, I decided to join this circle
again and have found new terms, names and software like Einstein,
DyneTK and a lot of science fiction stuff from so many Newton geeks
that still keep this computer running.

I have missed a lot and want to be updated on what is the state of
the Newton in the present time. I understand that it's long to
explain but if some of you would take the time and tell me about the
latest developments or can refer me to a link where I can find this
info, this will make me grateful to all of you. I have my Newton in
my desktop, ready to process my requests.

Thank you so much: Raphael Coiman

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