Re: [NTLK] Quote of the day!

From: Thomas Brand (T2) <>
Date: Tue Jul 10 2007 - 22:53:13 EDT

The difference may be the fact that I have very small fingers and am
able to fly on the iPhone. In fact the last couple of messages I have
posted on this board including this one have been composed solely on
the iPhone. In my individual experience I find the iPhone to be a
perfectly suitable tool for even longer messages. Once you get
aquainted to it you can actaully type at quite an excellerated rate. I
am very pleased with by success.

Thomas Brand (T2)

On Jul 10, 2007, at 5:59 PM, matthiasm <> wrote:

> On Jul 10, 2007, at 11:20 PM, Thomas Brand (T2) wrote:
>> Simply put until you
>> use it and learn to trust its intelligence you have no idea what you
>> are talking about.
> I did use the keyboard on the iPhone. It is OK for short text
> messages, which is exactly what it is made for. The intelligent text
> corrector is fine as long as long as you are typing in English. If
> you have to type in two or three languages, like many folks using it
> as a business phone do on a daily base, it becomes far less useful.
> It also does not help you when typing SMS shortcuts (stuff like
> "cul8tr"). But HWR has exactly the same

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