Re: [NTLK] OS X's Inkwell, and the Newton Mini

From: Joshua Cearley <>
Date: Wed Jul 11 2007 - 13:42:56 EDT

I suspect the SDK for the iPhone is going to get forced open out of
Apple. There was a conference recently where a bunch of programmers
got together and were hacking the iPhone (such as removing the AT&T
activation, etc). I think that if Apple continues to hold out on the
SDK one will probably pop out from hacking efforts, which is most
likely not something they will want.

What I am confused by is the inconsistency of their marketing and
keynote reasoning (e.g. OS X is the most advanced and secure OS, and
because of Unix it's stable) yet the iPhone which "runs OS X" can't
have third party programs "for security and stability". It really
makes you wonder if that was an oversight, or if maybe the SDK isn't
ready yet--and they're telling everyone it's for security while they
polish it up. Lets hope that Apple will release a real SDK, so stuff
like this can be made without having to come out of hacking efforts.

As for the stylus, I think the best bet is using some kind of cheap
conductive metal that is machine smoothed on the end to prevent
cracking the screen.

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