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From: Joshua Cearley <>
Date: Wed Jul 11 2007 - 15:55:21 EDT

> To me, the most comfortable is a full-sized keyboard--in my case, my Pismo
> laptop, sitting on top of my desk. No full-sized--free-standing
> keyboards slung from a keyboard tray (yuck!) but up high, and waaaaay
> back towards the back of my desk (not very deep--computer starts about
> a foot back, and keyboard another 4 inches)

The eMates never get any attention during these debates :P

I've found the HWR on an MP100 isn't quite as bad if you defer the
actual conversion to text until later (e.g. just write the note and
come back later and let it scan). It seems to be much more accurate
when it's scanning the entire block at once versus trying to do it as
you write.

A big thing with HWR though, is that it's very bad for technical
writing. I was in a store looking up computer components and writing
down stats on the newton, and ended up just leaving it as scribbles
(since the handwriting recognizer didn't like numbers, letters and
punctuation all in one strip).

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