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From: Steven Scotten <>
Date: Fri Jul 13 2007 - 12:25:07 EDT

On Jul 13, 2007, at 5:43 AM, Mark Harter wrote:

> By the line of reasoning of some here (as I see it) , John Sculley
> should be hailed as the "Second Coming" and deified simply because
> he gave is the glorious and most holy Newton... Give me a break.
> Sculley isn't in the same league as Jobs. Talk about "RDF" Calling
> Steve "$Jobs" is likewise childish. Get a grip Apple is a company
> like any other, and companies exist to make money.

Yeah, it is childish, but at the same time I refuse to accept
"companies exist to make money" as an excuse for anything. Corporate
law was established for the public good, not for the good of
corporations. Regardless of the motives of any individuals, the
survival of any company (or individual) is the benefit they offer to
society. If I submit a resume on which I list my only qualification
is that I want money, I should expect never to be hired. If it is
apparent to me that a company or its leaders are greedy, they are
doing something wrong. They should only want me to know how much
service they are to me.

Companies do *not* exist to make money; they exist to provide goods
and/or services. *If* they make money, it's because they provide
goods and services well, As a consumer, I have not just the right,
but a moral obligation to hold their feet to the fire. Apple's only
purpose is to provide excellent goods and services. If they fail to
do that, they should die (the corporation, not the people).

So I don't believe it is contradictory to recognize that Apple (Jobs)
made the right decision at the time and still criticize them for
failing to continue to offer an excellent product. Apple "ran away to
live to fight another day" but on that day they also failed to
fulfill their purpose by offering the goods that I desire.

Earning money is not a benefit to society. Earning money is the side
effect of being a benefit to society.


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